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From Montisi you can easily reach cities, villages and abbeys of great artistic and historic interest. Without considering the main towns as of Florence/Firenze (distant 110 Km) and Siena (50 Km) there are many smaller towns in the countryside situated in the area south-east of Siena that can be easily reached and visited.

La Grancia di Montisi - Val d'Orcia

Val d'Orcia

The landscape is characterized by a series of hills where nature is still wild. Val d'Orcia extends between the river that gives its name and the ancient Roman road the Cassia.

During the tenth and eleventh centuries the continuous traffic of pilgrims along the via Francigena led to the growth of a number of centres: S. Quirico, Castiglione and Radicofani. In the following centuries many castles and granges were built and fortified in the area, such as Spedaletto, Castelluccio, Cuna, Serre di Rapolano and Montisi.

You should not miss a visit to Pienza (12 Km from Montisi), overlooking the northern area of Val d'Orcia. Pope Pio II Piccolomini entrusted the planning and the building of the town to Bernardo Rossellino who made it one of the best examples of urban design and reconstruction.

Another very interesting visit is to Bagno Vignoni (14 Km from Pienza) an ancient and picturesque thermal centre with medieval buildings that surround the big pool of sulphurous water.

Close to Bagno Vignoni you can find Rocca d'Orcia, a small medieval village situated under the impressive remains of "Rocca a Tentennano".

Following the road that connects Montisi to Pienza, after 6 Km you will find a detour on the right that will bring you to S.Anna in Camprena, a monastery founded by Bernardo Tolomei in 1324 (featured in the film "The English Patient").

La Grancia di Montisi - Pienza
La Grancia di Montisi - Crete senesi

Crete senesi

The "Crete Senesi" are a lunar landscape, clay hills cut by the so called "calanchi" that cover the area that extends from the south of Siena to Val d'Orcia.

The abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore (14 Km from Montisi) is built on a hill that overlooks these clays, in the middle of a cypress, pine and oak wood.

This monastic complex was founded by Bernardo Tolomei in 1313. The cloister is of great interest and is entirely decorated by frescoes painted by Luca Signorelli and by Sodoma that describe stories of S. Benedetto.

La Grancia di Montisi - S. Antimo

Montalcino and Brunello - S. Antimo

The village of Montalcino (27 Km from Montisi) stands on the top of a very tall hill that overlooks the valleys of the Ombrone and of the Asso.
It is famous for having resisted many sieges through the centuries. Its vineyards produce the celebrated "Brunello".

The artistic masterpiece of the area is the Benedictine abbey of S. Antimo (10 Km from Montalcino) one of the most romantic expressions of the region situated in the beauty of the surrounding landscape. It is very picturesque in the evening and at night when it is illuminated.

Montepulciano and Chiusi

Montepulciano stands on a hill between Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana (18 Km from Montisi). It is surrounded by a gentler landscape compared with the crete of Val d’Orcia and is very rich in monuments and churches that were founded mainly during the 16th century. Architects such as Antonio da Sangallo, Baldassarre Peruzzi and Vignola worked in this area. A typical example of 16th century Tuscan architecture is represented by the isolated church of San Biagio. Montepulciano is famous for its "Vino Nobile".

From Montepulciano, going through Chianciano Terme, you arrive after 22 Km at Chiusi.

Chiusi is of very ancient origin. From the 7th to 5th centuries BC, in particular during the reign of the legendary king Porsenna, it reached a peak of magnificence. It is very interesting to visit especially for its museums rich in Etruscan objects. Also Cetona, a village of Etruscan origin, is worth visiting for its museums with many prehistoric objects.

La Grancia di Montisi - Montepulciano


The cuisine offered by most of the restaurants of the area is simple, healthy, genuine and of rustic origin.

Generally speaking it's tasty and wholesome, Usually you have "crostini", sliced hams and salami as starters; "pici" (a particular kind of spaghetti), "pappardelle" (a large kind of home-made pasta), "ravioli" and "ribollita" (soup) as a first dish; roast meat as a main dish; several vegetable side dishes and lastly typical cookies called "cantucci" to dip into "vin santo".

Be sure to book beforehand if you want to find place in these restaurants.

Events in Montisi

Harpsichord concerts from the “Piccola Accademia”

La Grancia di Montisi - Concerti

“La Piccola Accademia di Montisi” was founded in 2007 to provide a centre of inspiration for musicians worldwide who have an interest in the harpsichord.
At the beginning of summer Montisi village life livens up with the presence of talented harpsichord teachers and students from more than 30 countries from all over the world. Concerts and recitals are also given by the world’s leading harpsichordists.

La Giostra di Simone

It is a medieval jousting tournament when the four neighbourhoods of the village, called contrade, commemorate the fierce combat that took place towards the end of 13th century between the feudal overlord of the area, Simone Cacciaconti with his soldiers and the inhabitants of Montisi.

It is an annual spectacular event held on the Sunday nearest to 5th August, the feast day of Montisi’s patron saint, Our Lady of the Snows.

The event begins with an historical procession including characters in beautiful medieval costumes starting from the actual courtyard of La Grancia moving up to the field just outside the village where the competition takes place. Here the horsemen representing the contrade charge at full gallop armed with a lance with the aim to score the most points for their contrada by hitting the target, an effigy of Simone.

La Giostra di Simone - Montisi
La Giostra di Simone - Montisi

Grape harvest

La Grancia di Montisi - La vendemmia

The grape harvest takes place in September when the grapes reach their right level of ripeness. The land covered by our vineyards around Montisi is not very extensive as the oil production prevails, but they provide a product of a very high quality.

The grapes picked by hand are conveyed to the ancient cantina where traditional and careful operations are carried out for the production and ageing of the Doc wines. The grapes of La Grancia vineyards come from Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Merlot, Trebbiano and Malvasia vines.

Olive harvest and the new oil festival

The olive harvest begins around the middle of October, producing an excellent oil of a renowned quality.
The olives are picked on the tree either manually or with small electrical machines and are ground within one or two days in our local mill.

This important event for the economy of our village is celebrated in the first few days of November with a vibrant festival called “Il primo olio ed altro ancora” . Along the main village street you can taste the newly pressed olive oil and various local products. Also objects of a fine craftsmanship are displayed, guided visits to a local mill are organized and tasty local food is cooked in restaurants and contrade kitchens.

Oil and wine tastings, run by expert sommeliers, take place in the “sala delle carrozze” in La Grancia.

La raccolta delle olive - Montisi
Primo olio - Montisi

Performances at the tiny 1800’s Theatre of La Grancia

2005 saw the completion of the restoration of the 1800’s theatre of La Grancia, one of the smaller theatres in the world. The theatre seats 68 people and covers an area of about 60mq.

A small Montisi theater company and other groups from the neighbourhood perform fine plays throughout the whole year.

A short visit to the tiny theatre will reveal with how much care and taste the restoration works were undertaken so as to retain the original structure of the theatre.

La Grancia di Montisi-Teatro
La Grancia di Montisi-Teatro
La Grancia di Montisi-Teatro


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