La Grancia di Montisi

A prestigious location set in the romantic tranquillity of Sienese countryside

La Grancia di Montisi


"Grancia" is the name given to the great fortified estate centres with their spacious granaries, cellars and olive-processing plants, which the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Scala constructed along the Via Francigena (the Pilgrim Road from France to Rome), with the aim of storing, guarding and defending the products of its vast estates in the valleys of the Rivers Orcia and Arbia, in the Sienese "Crete" and in the Maremma.
The oldest and most important nucleus of the Grancias (Cuna, Serre di Rapolano, Montisi, San Quirico and Spedaletto) came into being between the end of the twelfth and the first years of the thirteenth centuries, often through the restructuring and extension of older buildings and fortresses, and this we may presume happened also in Montisi.
La Grancia di Montisi
La Grancia di Montisi

However, leaving aside pre-existing buildings of unknown origin, the Grancia of Montisi as a fortified estate centre was essentially the work of the Ospedale after 1295, the year in which Simone Cacciaconti, feudal overlord of Montisi, left all his possessions in the village to the Ospedale.

An important role in the history of the Grancia of Montisi was played by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo, a great and enlightened reformer of Tuscany in the twenty five years of his reign (1765-1790).
In 1775 Pietro Leopoldo ordered the privatisation of all the Ospedale's possessions. At that time the post of Grancere (Superintendent of the Grancia) was held by Iacopo Mannucci Benincasa, who by virtue of his right of privilege over the possessions in Montisi was able in 1778 to acquire the entire building together with a part of the estate holdings. So it was that the Grancia came into the hands of the family whose property it remains to this day. The Grand Duke developed a warm friendship with Iacopo and his son Gian Tommaso and according to our sources was a frequent guest at the Grancia of Montisi, which still has interesting evidence of his visits.

In June 1944, during World War II, the beautiful fortified tower of the Grancia was dynamited at its base and completely destroyed.

La Grancia di Montisi


La Grancia di the heart of the Sienese countryside

The estate "La Grancia" is situated in the heart of the Sienese countryside, in a hilly area devoted largely to the cultivation of olive groves interspersed with small vineyards and thick woodland. For hundreds of years the estate has produced olive oil and wine, using organic methods. Today it continues this tradition producing mainly "extra vergine" olive oil and also fine wines. The lands of the estate are dominated by the Grancia, built on the edge of the small medieval village of Montisi.
Guests are received in prestigious apartments: "II Quartiere" in the heart of the Grancia, "I Gerani" overlooking the historic courtyards of the Grancia, "II Glicine" and "I Girasoli", at the western end of the Grancia, overlooking a tree-lined lawn leading to a private swimming pool.
All the apartments have wireless internet access.
The garden and the swimming pool are exclusively for the clients of "La Grancia", who can also use barbecue facilities and picnic under a pergola in the garden.

La Grancia di Montisi

The two apartments "II Glicine" and "I Girasoli", though independent and on different floors, are both part of a single building. It's therefore possible, in case of larger groups, to rent them together.

The owners are delighted to show guests around some of the private areas of the historic building. Of particular interest are the apartments used by the Grand Duke of Tuscany in the 1700's, the ancient cellars and the tiny 1800's theatre recently restored and brought back to its former glory.

The large spaces available and the wide range of scenery (historical courtyards, spacious gardens, swimming pool area, 1800's small theatre) make the estate particularly suitable for arranging weddings, parties, anniversaries, cocktails, concerts and business meetings.

The Products

For centuries the estate has produced olive oil and quality wines. This tradition continues today and guests may purchase the products during their stay.
OLIVE OIL: it comes exclusively from the olive groves of La Grancia di Montisi. All cultivation is carried out strictly according to the methods of organic agriculture. The olives are hand-picked. The milling is done at mills authorized for organic production within one or two days of harvesting, to obtain the minimum acidity.
RED WINES: are produced in limited quantities with selected grapes from vineyards of La Grancia (Sangiovese, Merlot and Canaiolo). They should be served at room temperature and go very well with roasts and game.
VINSANTO: comes from white grapes (Trebbiano and Malvasia) selected in the vineyards of La Grancia and left to wither until the middle of November. The grapes are then passed to the press and the resulting liquid is placed in barrels where it will stay tightly closed for three years before being bottled. The Vinsanto is best served at room temperature, traditionally tasted with typical Tuscan biscuits called "Cantucci".


La Grancia di Montisi

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